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This is another charismatic and good-natured player always smiling and joking, inside and outside the table. Last year was about to enter the professional circuit of Snooker but lost in the final round of Q School that gave the pass for two years.

A professional of billiard. Although we always talk about men players, there are also great billiard women players that deserve recognition. In this top 7 I wanted to highlight at least one of them. Although I could have added other great players like Jennifer Barretta or the two Fisher, I preferred to highlight Jasmin Ouschan, sister of another great player like Albin Ouschan, for her playing style and professionalism.

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If you have already signed up but have forgotten your password, we can send you a new one. Click here. I'm not registered You can sin up for free, it won't take you more than 2 minutes. Free sign up. Already a Poolmania member? Call us Login Sign up. Go to the billiard shop. National 3-Cushion Championships ; 10 consecutive Korean National Championships ; winner of numerous national and international tournaments in Korea and the United States; a personal high run of 28; and a best game of 50 points in four innings.

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Sang died in at the age of He has left behind him a wake of devoted fans, all who remember him as a true champion that always offered his time, encouragement and vast knowledge to any player that took an interest in carom billiards. Earl Strickland was a dominant player during the s and s, and continues to be so today.

In addition to his individual championships, he has been a team member on nine winning U.

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Mosconi Cup teams, including , and was captain in two of those years. After a five-year break from the sport, she returned to billiards in with a new foundation and fervor for the sport she loved.

Robin is known for her steely determination and accurate shot making, which she used to claim 27 professional tournament titles. She finished in the top four on 25 occasions and captured six major titles from , including the National Championships and the WPA World 9-Ball Championships. That win, along with six added top finishes that year, earned her the No.

Mike Massey has been playing pool for 45 years and won his first professional tournament 9-Ball in Ewa Laurance is one of the best-known and recognizable stars in billiards. In , she won this title again and also won the In , Ms.


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Cue maker George Balabuska was born in Russia on December 9, He arrived in the U. After 30 years as a woodworker and Straight Pool player, he began making pool cues. He was an innovator in cue construction, finishes and designs. Balabushka was quickly recognized as the premier cue maker of his era, inspiring other cue makers and elevating the demand for custom cues.

Because of their playability, design and rarity, Balabushka cues have become legendary and highly collectible. A Balabushka cue was featured as an object of admiration in the book and movie The Color of Money. Balabushka died in at the of age Edwin Kelly was born in Waterbury, Connecticut, on May 17, He learned to play billiards by watching the locals and practicing 12 hours a day.

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Excerpts of their final match were shown on national television. In , he won the L.

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Open World Pocket Billiard Over the years, Mr. With his dapper attire, movie star looks and brash confidence, he fit in perfectly with the elite movie crowd. Efren Reyes was born in Pampanga, Philippines, on August 26, At the age of five, he went to live with his uncle who owned a pool room in Manila.

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Young Efren worked as a billiard attendant, sleeping on the pool table so he could play as soon as he woke up. But his secret may be found in what he learned from the weaker players, who sometimes made unintentional, but brilliant shots. The three have things in common: they are all Americans since Reyes spent the best years of his career campaigning in the US circuit and all three have good breaks which is considered the weakest point of Reyes' game.

Ngayon marami na magaling bumreak. Ang talo ko sa kanila, puro break.

Kahit hindi kagalingan, basta magaling sa break," said the pool legend, now Reyes said he found Sigel a tough nut to crack because of his ability to break, which is quite an advantage in the 9-ball and ball game remember, Reyes was used to playing ball early in his career in the Philippines and didn't master the 9-ball until he started campaigning in the US. Of course, who could forget the matches Reyes and Strickland fought at the peak of their careers. None was more memorable than their Color of Money showdown, a three-day, race-to 9-ball competition in Hong Kong which Reyes won, We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on Spin.