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You can listen to this podcast online or by downloading it here. What do you think of the X-Men films? Do they have potential moving forward?

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Let us know in the comments! A biochemistry PhD student, his other passion lies in writing about movies. He writes for RogerEbert.

Ole Wittmann. The Lives of Lucian Freud. William Feaver.

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Animorphia Sea and Sky. Kerby Rosanes. Visions of Lost Worlds. Matthew T. Carrano and Kirk R. A Month in Siena. Hisham Matar. Marcel Duchamp.

Superhero Madness

Evelyn C. Sterling Ruby.

Eva Respini and Alex Gartenfeld. Designing the New. Alison Brown. Virgil Abloh. How to Draw Inky Wonderlands. Johanna Basford. Reality Ahead of Schedule. Lucian Freud Herbarium. Giovanni Aloi.

Shirin Neshat. That Was Awkward.

Have you always dreamed of being a superhero, well here’s your chance!

Emily Flake. Art and Rivalry. Carol Bishop-Gwyn. Design as Art. Bruno Munari. Will the Man of Steel preserve home field and annihilate the First Avenger?

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In the majestic bracket of Paradise Island , will Wonder Woman continue her blockbuster success and dethrone the wisecracking Deadpool? Will the Spider multiverse pelt the suit of the Man in a Tin Can with his web shooters? Lastly, in the Wakanda bracket, will the all-powerful Justice League defeat the Guardians of the Galaxy who always seem to have their own personal agendas but come together when it counts?