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German Jews accuse Der Spiegel of spreading anti-Semitic stereotypes

We depend on the generosity of others to increase our membership, train more peacemakers, and develop and support more programs. This is one more way in which we bear witness in the interdependence of life. Another important aspect of mala practice is the incorporation of the ministry of money in our program.

Descendants of Nazi Perpetrators Singing the Hatikvah

The assembly of malas ensures that money management and fundraising are not seen as foreign to peacemaking work; instead, the give-and-take of money is the compassionate, unobstructed flow of energy that nourishes and transforms our activities. Mala practice also gives us the opportunity to share our work with our families, friends, and associates. Most of us lead professional work lives and have families. By raising money for our Socially Engaged Buddhist work, we publicize its activities, and most important, our own commitment.

By wearing the beads we have assembled, we take our supporters with us in our peacemaking endeavors and on Bearing Witness retreats such as at Auschwitz, thus making family and friends an intimate part of this peacemaking journey. Assemble a mala not from your personal funds consisting of 18 small beads and one Buddha large bead or one of beads and dedicate each bead to each of your donors.

Beads from individuals or from groups or families are equally appreciated. Fees are non refundable if a registration is cancelled by the participant after October 18th, , within two weeks 14 days of the start date of the retreat.

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All refunds will be processed within 60 days of notification of cancellation. Arrive a few days before to adjust after your travel, explore beautiful Krakow and leave at least a day later to allow integration of your retreat experience before returning home. When you participate in a Bearing Witness retreat, you enter a carefully crafted container held by various teams:.

This role is specific to the retreat they have been chosen for. They review the retreat structure and schedule and make recommendations for changes.

Support the insights you need into the German-American relationship.

The Spirit Holders include 1 individuals whose lives are deeply infused with the place and theme of the retreat, 2 Zen teachers or Masters with extensive experience in the practice and teaching of the Three Tenets and 3 Those with a particular role, such as Head of Logistical Staff and Head Council Trainer.

Staff serves the needs of the retreat and its participants by translating the direction of the spirit holders into action.

Poll: Israeli Jews Still Don't Forgive Germany for the Holocaust

Half of our staff consists of local people with a personal connection to the place of the retreat; the other half are highly trained ZPO members. The retreat Clergy are designated leaders of faiths, entrusted with specific liturgical and ceremonial aspects of the retreat schedule.

They are also available as resources to the participants during the retreat. Below, clergy pictured L to R: Fr.

chnerbiechamquavo.ml These facilitators have trained with the Center for Council and are under the guidance and supervision of the head council trainer. The facilitator team will be decided before the start of the retreat. The Administration team develops, plans and manages the budget, marketing and schedule for each retreat from its inception to the actual start of the retreat. They continuously evaluate and determine whether a retreat is financially feasible. Dialogue Center Staff maintains our lodging facilities, prepares and serves our hearty and healthy meals.

Celebration of diversity has been a hallmark of the Zen Peacemakers Bearing Witness Retreats and in particular at Auschwitz-Birkenau, once a symbol of extreme intolerance towards others. Through the years the Zen Peacemakers have hosted countless nationalities, faiths and ethnicities on the retreat. Donations towards this fund will be extended towards those from diverse backgrounds to contribute to the multifaceted experience of the retreat.

Scholarships are available to individuals on a personal basis, are reviewed by ZP Staff and usually become available 60 days before the retreat. During the retreat, there will be a dedicated time to receive and present your candle. Donation can be done online on our Donation Page. Zen Peacemakers, Inc. These are the principles of the Zen Peacemakers and the foundation of this retreat.

Your fee supports the expenses of the retreat and contributes to scholarships available to those of limited means. Registration can be completed using the retreat registration form coming soon. T ake: Saint Wawrzynca Str.

Over 2,000 Germans attend 'kippa-marches' against antisemitism in Berlin

Participants are responsible for paying their own bill before departure from the hotel. Aparthotel 13 Grodzka Str. Rolf Hochhuth's play The Deputy charged the papacy with inaction in the face of detailed knowledge about the extermination of European Jews. On the far right, a nationalist neo-Nazi party, the National Democratic Party Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands or NPD gained a substantial number of votes in state elections between and , while on the far left, the extraparliamentary opposition ausserparlamentarische Opposition or APO was formed. Its mass-media spokesman, press magnate Axel Springer, called the radicals "gangs of thugs" and decried their "SA methods.

Death to the red student plague! During three major incidents in , West Germany was forced to confront the Nazi past. In May, after more than ten years of discussion, parliament prepared to adopt the so-called Emergency Laws. The Grand Coalition now had sufficient votes to pass laws that would establish an important prerequisite to West Germany's full autonomy, ending the Western allies' right to intervene in emergency situations. At a huge protest march on the eve of the passage of those laws, opponents recalled the emergency laws of the s that had been used to undermine democracy during the Weimar Republic and that had eased Hitler's path to power.

Not only the military aura of the occasion raised the ire of young Germans, who felt the anti-imperialist lesson of Nazi aggression was being ignored. More recently, in April , he had ordered the brutal dispersal of mass demonstrations after an attempt was made on student leader Rudi Dutschke's life. When someone called out "C'est les fascistes!

One protester described his experience that day: "Five cops grabbed my Vietnam flag, but I didn't let go When we went past the VIP bleachers an old antifascist jumped down and punched me in the face.

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I lost my flag. A half hour later the old man came running up to me, hugged me, stroked my cheek again and again, and repeated, probably about ten times, 'Pardon, mon camarade. The third climactic event took place in Berlin on November 7, , coincidentally the eve of the thirtieth anniversary of the Kristallnacht pogrom. She was immediately arrested. The twenty-nine-year-old wife of the French Nazi hunter Serge Klarsfeld, who had long condemned Kiesinger's past as a top-ranked propaganda official in the Nazi Foreign Office, read a prepared statement expressing the "rage" of German youth over the leadership roles of former Nazis.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that it was substantial. Prior to the summer of , the use of analogies was rooted more in political instrumentalism than in a detailed knowledge of these events. Several studies conducted in the second half of the s confirm this finding. For example, a study in characterized the attitudes of young people who evinced interest in the Nazi era as "cool, rational, upstanding. For instance, when a study of historical consciousness among young Germans was republished in , its authors wrote, "Although the younger generation's political sensibilities and readiness to become politically involved have remarkably expanded, its ahistorical relationship to the past has not changed.

Generally sympathetic to the political concerns of the young protesters, they rejected their radical methods and attempted to find a following among the moderates.

Many of them were among the West German intellectuals who in March signed a public appeal to demonstrators and police to respect legality. Anecdotes such as the following suggest that even with the passage of time some radicals did not gain a deeper, self-critical understanding of the implications of the Nazi past for the present. In the s a high-school student recalled: We once had a history teacher. Long beard, ski sweater, jeans - the works. Boy, did he carry on about everything.

For hours, he'd talk about the Jews, the Communists, the Gypsies, the Russians - victims, nothing but victims. Once, someone asked him in class: "Tell us, where was the madness?

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Why did all those people shout hurrah anti Heil',. There must have been something to it. He called the boy who'd asked the question a neo-Nazi, asked him whether he had no respect for the victims, and so on Then he let loose. He screamed at us. Gone was that left-wing softy of the sixties. All hell broke loose.